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What Our Clients Have to Say:

Stephanie Groser-Godoy

(19 March, 2021)


I was lifting weights (20lbs weights) on each arm. I was lifting them in an upward sideways angle. Shortly after I noticed that I may have injured my left arm. Everything on my arm all the way down to my left foot started to ache. Sometimes it would cramp at night. I believe all the nerves are connected and that because of this healing must start from within. My husband's company is next door to M.L.T. and I was overjoyed he told me to try this, because I had already had dreams and visions of this type of healing a year before. (I've always been intuitive and psychic) I was glad to start this therapy instead of traditional medicine or surgery. Within 3 sessions I noticed the difference. I was completely healed! Even my skin cleared up from pandemic masks and I became more youthful than I was before. Jesus healed by touching & from within Jesus said before He ascended "Greater works shall you do in my name because I go to the Father" Thank You Jesus! That means that we have the Power to heal one another. This is modern medicine—Medicine of the Future is here! I've always known it from watching SciFi movies as a child.

Mark Sterling

(19 March, 2021)

Berta Calderon

(25 March, 2021)

Christina Sanchez

(26 March, 2021)


(29 April, 2021)

Angela Sanchez
(12 May, 2021)

Brenyatta Bey

(20 April, 2021)

IMG_9632 (1).JPG

My name is Brenyatta Bey, and I was diagnosed with RA in 2019. I was told that I have a little inflammation, and the doctor said that I needed strong medication. But, I said, “what about diet?” He replied by saying that it won’t help me. A RA Specialist said this in 2019. I lost my insurance & felt that was okay because I would rather go the holistic route. I did my research, so I was taking supplements and doing the diet; however, I was not consistent and most of the time I was not doing serious exercise but rather I was always working and sitting at a desk all day.  Additionally, I was also diagnosed with pre-diabetes and the first stage of osteoporosis in 2019.  The pain became worse in my left arm & hand. 
I went to a nail salon and asked the lady to be careful with my hand. She said she had severe pain in her hand and that she went to a place, so she no longer has any pain. Then, she gave me contact information to Mercy Laser Therapy.  I made an appointment later.  Mercy set me up on a treatment plan that I could afford.  I did 10 treatments, the nail professional did more treatments.  Prior to my treatment, the inflammation had spread, now I had more pain in the right arm and hand, mild pain around my left knee. The left arm and hand were in severe pain.
After my treatments, the left knee pain is gone. The right arm and hand is much better. The left arm is more management and stronger.  I have more mobility & energy throughout my body.  My skin looks better.  This place is run by professionals that believe in the power of healing with faith & works.  It is a great place.  I am so thankful I found them.  I will get more treatments and look forward to having this program as a major part of my treatment plan.
  I would recommend this new technology, NovaThor.  When I searched NovaThor online I was impressed and now I have the results with my body feeling better.  The staff is very friendly & worked with my situation.  Thanks.

Dao Nguyen
(29 June, 2021)

Hong Nguyen
(12 July, 2021)

Gisela Dyer
(27 July, 2021)

Paula Smith
(21 Oct, 2021)

Jeffery Ritter
(15 July, 2022)

Gina Doran
(02 Aug, 2022)

Princess Phillip
(18 Aug, 2022)

Joann Carter
(09 Feb, 2023)

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